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Hillbilly Cogitations

Musings of an Advanced Hillbilly

10 September
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I am retired (from Sandia National Laboratories) on 80 wooded acres in the Ozarks. I live here with 7 dogs. I love dogs, and they really enrich my life. My dogs (children) are Clifty (Lab/Shepherd mix), Freda (Shepherd mix), Spot (Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle), Coco (Pit Bull/Chocolate Lab), Pico (Black Mouth Cur/Boxer mix, best guess), Bert (Rottweiler mix, small), and Emma (throwaway mongrel). I am an atheist Libertarian. Neither my wife, our children, or our grandchildren are religious. I believe like Ayn Rand in "The Virtue of Selfishness" that if people make the choices that are truly good for them, they will live good lives and be good neighbors and citizens. Although somebody shot Pico a while back, and that was really tough on both Pico and me (he survived and is now doing well).

For some reason, my LJ URL uses clifty-man instead of clifty_man.